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  • General Dentistry: Preventing Cavities

    September 29th, 2014

    Cavities, also called dental caries, are common dental problems that are preventable and treatable with proper care. What causes a cavity? Cavities are caused by tooth decay, and can often look like [...]

  • 3 Ways That Recording Your Supermarket&#...

    September 29th, 2014

    Taking inventory can be tedious and exhausting, especially if you have a large number of products in your stockroom. However, recording inventory is an important task that should not be [...]

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Prepare For A Too...

    September 26th, 2014

    By the time they turn 39, 86.7% of the American population will experience decay of at least one tooth. If you have a tooth that has decayed so badly it must [...]

Diets and Weight Loss

measuring body fat

Welcome to! Here you can learn about different cleanses, weight loss fads, and eating disorders. When it comes to dieting, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Changing your diet and/or doing a cleanse is supposed to improve your health above all else, so make sure that you do your research carefully and intelligently. This site is dedicated to helping you become a healthier and happier you.

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Cleanses seem difficult but almost magical. Learn a little bit more about them and how they can help or hurt you.

grapefruits and juice

Just because everyone else seems to be doing it doesn't mean that you should. In this section, you can learn a little bit more about fad diets.

fruit smoothees

What starts as dieting and exercise can sometimes lead to unhealthy practices. Make sure you can spot eating disorders before they become too serious.